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With the Ultraformer patients can achieve impressive results with minimal discomfort and no downtime. The HIFU-powered transducers are designed to either remodel collagen to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin or tighten areas of the body by targeting stubborn pockets of fat or lax skin.

Our Advantages:

Certified device
Safe alternative to plastic surgery
Selection of attachments for an individual approach to each zone
To achieve the effect, 1-2 procedures are enough
Long-term preservation of results up to 2 years
Lack of rehabilitation and seasonal restrictions

About the procedure


  • Treats fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin on the face
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces sagging contours of the body
  • Treats entire face, neck, décolleté, body

The SMAS lifting procedure quickly burst into the market of cosmetic services and just as quickly became one of the most popular and in demand.

There are quite a lot of devices for performing Smas-lifting, but the Ultraformer device is one of the most reliable and effective.

It is the Ultraformer SMAS lifting that is most popular and there are enough reasons for it.

SMAS lifting Ultraformer 3 allows you to literally erase 5-10 years from your face in just one or two procedures. Without surgical intervention and trauma to the skin, but with an effect equal to plastic surgery.

The essence of Ultraformer SMAS lifting is a focused ultrasonic effect on different layers of the skin up to the muscular aponeurotic layer.

The procedure has two main effects:

  • In the upper layers of the dermis, ultrasound exposure activates regeneration processes and accelerates metabolic processes.
  • In the deeper layers, the production of natural collagen and elastin is stimulated. This process has an increasing effect, and by the end of the 3rd month a natural collagen framework is formed, forming a young and clear oval of the face. Because this effect is achieved through internal processes, the result lasts for a long time up to 1.5-2 years.

Due to the complex effect, a general improvement in the condition of the skin occurs: firmness and elasticity increases, the relief is evened out, and the tone improves.

SMAS lifting using the Ultraformer device is used both for rejuvenation in the face area and for body correction and improvement of skin on the body.

SMAS-lifting Ultraformer 3 for face 

On the face, the Microfocused Ultrasound is used to fight premature or installed skin aging, promoting a visible lifting effect while improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It penetrates deeply reaching the dermis and muscle fascia in order to stimulate collagen production and ensuring a visibly firmer and rejuvenated skin.

Smas-lifting is also used when there is no effect from other manipulations or when you do not want to perform procedures that injure the surface of the skin.

SMAS-lifting Ultraformer 3 for body

In the body (as well as on double-chin area), the macro-focused ultrasound can reach the layers of fat where adipocytes are located, destroying them and allowing to reduce successfully the sagging and fat located in the double-chin area, abdominal region, arms, knees, buttocks and inner thighs. Skin becomes firmer, regaining much of its lost tone.

The choice of SMAS lifting using the Ultraformer 3 device is performed in a beauty salon without the need for anesthesia and hospital stay.

The duration of the procedure is about 45-60 minutes, after which you can immediately return to your usual activities.

SMAS-lifting Ultraformer 3 – before and after

Before undergoing the treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied roughly one hour before the procedure. During the treatment, the Ultraformer III device is applied to your skin evenly, emitting warm pulses of ultrasound energy and gentle heat as underlying tissue is targeted to induce new collagen and support existing structures. Ultraformer III treatments can take approximately 45-60 minutes on one area, such as the face or neck.

The final results may be observed after about 2-3 months from the last visit. The skin becomes more firm and tense.

Immediately after the procedure, it will be possible to evaluate a noticeable result, which will increase over the next 3 months.

Although no downtime is required after receiving your Ultraformer III treatment, you may feel some side effects, including mild bruising, swelling, and redness*. The feeling is similar to a mild sunburn for one to two hours after your session, and the redness should dissipate after 48 hours. Swelling can persist for up to 10 days post-treatment, and less common side effects such as bruising can go away after a week. Some patients also experience slight numbness, dull aching, or tingling, which can last for a few days*.

Patients can usually continue their daily activities immediately after their Ultraformer III treatment


  • Flaccidity
  • Treatment of lines and wrinkles
  • Muscle firmness
  • Aging skin
  • Localized fat


  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy, lactation period
  • Inflammatory processes in the area of intended treatment
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Skin diseases in the acute stage
  • Malignant skin neoplasms
  • Use of isotretinoin within 6 months before initial treatment
  • Tattoos
  • Keloid disease
  • HIV infection
  • Bleeding disorder or taking anticoagulants
  • Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

Before & after

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When SMAS lifting Ultraformer is contraindicated?
About the price

FDA approval
Clinically proven effectiveness
Selection of attachments for an individual approach to each zone
To achieve the effect, 1-2 procedures are enough
Noticeable results immediately after manipulation
Long-term preservation of results up to 2 years
Lack of rehabilitation and seasonal restrictions
General improvement in skin condition 

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