Peymanen Haddadi

DHA licensed
Doctor of Medicine

25 years

DHA licensed
Doctor of Medicine

Dear patients, welcome!

Here you are with your medical aesthetic physician. I specialized in aesthetic medicine and I am here to enhance your skin health, natural beauty and helping you feel your best.

In practice, I am in favor of rejuvenating and improving the quality of the skin, focusing on naturalness and individuality.

In my work, it is important not only to perform high-quality procedures, but also to grow and develop in the professional field to give more confidence to the patient and create positive emotions and enjoy the results obtained together.

For me, as a doctor who loves my profession, the priority is safety, comfort, high quality of procedures performed to achieve the best result based on my patient’s request and medical aesthetic standards. How happy it is to see the smile of a girl who suffers from very thin lips when a little filler is injected.

I can mention that one of my favorite procedures performed at the CIDC clinic is using the HydraFacial machine, which is great for any skin type, has no age limit, and most importantly, patients after The first act, they feel the cleaning effect. Moist and healthy skin.

And to maintain the condition of my skin, I use it in professional care every month.

A course of biorevitalization with any of high quality skin boosters, to maintain moisture and skin tone, as well as to prevent wrinkles every 6 months. I also get my botox injection once or twice a year to smooth out my skin and prevent my wrinkles to be permanent.

My patients have been coming back to me for years and bring their friends and relatives not only for results, but for a burst of positive emotions.

I will be happy to wait for you at my appointment at the CIDK clinic!

Skin health care, your doctor,

Peymaneh Haddadi



1998Doctor of Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran
2021Dubai Health Authority License, General Physician
2017Team Physician Training course
2021Dermal Fillers course
2021Thread Lift course
2022Diploma in Advanced Aesthetic Medicine

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